No DriveClub Server Problems Occurred During the Past Year, Says Developer

October 27, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Roughly a week after the release of DriveClub on October 7, Evolution Studios said they ran a beta test and “large scale synthetic load tests with tens of thousands of concurrent users” prior to launch, and all were successful, leading them to believe everything would be ready for launch.

Clearly that wasn’t the case, and in a comment on their Facebook page over the weekend, the developers revealed that there were no servers issues for the past year, the servers hit their limit shortly after the midnight launch, and the PlayStation Plus Edition is still on hold:

The issues with server performance were never encountered during the past year, in any of the many rounds of testing prior to launch. The servers were actually live for over a week before Oct 7 for reviewers and none of these issues were discovered during that time either.

The servers hit their absolute limit soon after the midnight launch on Oct 7… and we have been working around the clock every day since, to get more servers online and improve the way that the servers handle social activity between players.

The PS Plus Edition is on hold while this work progresses and we want to get it back on track as quickly as possible, because we want everyone to enjoy the game we’ve poured our hearts into throughout development.

Evolution also talked about they are “working to get challenges online for everybody” and, as they said previously, “the majority of players can now connect and race online.” Additionally, if you’re wondering how to mute people, the developers clarified, “You can mute them, but only in the lobby, not during the race.

As for the issue where cars spin off the track with no contact, Evolution said, “It’s latency (lag). We’re looking to see what we can do to improve this.”

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook, Twitter)]