Report: PS4 Currently Accounts for Around 65 Percent of Current Generation Console Sales

October 31, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


According to data compiled by Ars Technica, Sony is dominating the console sales market with the PlayStation 4. When compared to Xbox One sales and Wii U sales, the PS4 has a strong hold on the current generation console market, with 63 to 68 percent of shipped current-gen systems being PS4 consoles. 

According to Sony’s quarterly report, since it first came out late last year, Sony has shipped around 13.5 million PS4 consoles worldwide. Microsoft, in comparison, has only shipped somewhere between 6.7 to 7.35 million consoles. Nintendo has only shipped around 7.29 million Wii U consoles, even though the system was released a year before the PS4 and Xbox One came out.

Keep in mind that these figures are only estimates, and may not clearly represent the actual sales numbers. Microsoft combines their Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales numbers, and while Ars Technica attempted to differentiate between the two, they noted that the numbers could be somewhat off.

What do you think of this data on console sales? Why do you think the PS4 has sold so many units?

Source: Sony via Ars Technica