First-Person Survival Horror Game, Grave, Coming to the PS4

Zarmena Khan

Developer Broken Window Studios has announced that its upcoming first-person survival horror game, Grave, will be heading to the PlayStation 4. The Kickstarter-funded game was previously announced for Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One. Grave was initially revealed during E3 2014 as an ID@Xbox title, but Broken Window confirmed to Polygon that its agreement with Microsoft did not apply to consoles. The developer had been in talks with Sony for a PS4 version. 

The game’s Kickstarter page offers the following description:

Grave is an open-world, surrealist-inspired, procedural survival horror experience. Our goal is to provide a much needed update to the survival horror formula, injecting it with the tension and fear of modern horror games while still retaining the strategy and survival elements of classic genre staples. The game is being Developed in the Unity game engine, and we are hoping to push the graphical fidelity to its limit.

Grave is set to release in 2015.

[Source: Polygon]

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