Some Destiny The Dark Below Content Coming Free to Everyone

November 3, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


For those of you who don’t plan on buying Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC when it launches this December, Bungie confirmed in their latest Weekly Update that you’ll still end up receiving a few of the additions.

First off though, here’s Bungie’s quick reminder of what’s known to be coming inside The Dark Below:

  • 3 Story missions featuring new enemies and encounters in the Cosmodrome and Moon
  • Tower Character and Vendor, Eris, featuring new Quests, Bounties, and rewards
  • Exclusive Legendary Weapons and Armor
  • New Exotic Weapons
  • “Will of Crota” Strike
  • “Crota’s End” Raid
  • 3 Crucible Maps: Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron
  • Maximum Light Level increase to 32

For everyone, these are the updates and alterations coming free to Destiny when The Dark Below launches:

  • Some new Weapons and Armor
  • New Daily Bounties
  • Five additional Bounty slots

Bungie then explained some more about The Dark Below:

The Dark Below is themed around The Hive summoning their dark god, Crota. Without spoiling the details, Crota’s summoning is a multifaceted ritual that has implications for Story missions, Quests, the “Will of Crota” Strike, and the “Crota’s End” Raid.

The story missions will take you into untapped spaces with brand new encounters. There’s new music, custom effects, and some serious challenges to undertake. The Strike and Raid will also feature beautiful new spaces and difficult new engagements to overcome for you and your Fireteam.

And here’s what you need to know about Quests, which will be handed out by new character Eris:

Quests are a new storytelling mechanism that we’re using in the Dark Below. They are multistage tasks that culminate in a reward, similar to the Exotic Bounties you may have experienced. Unlike Exotic Bounties, the Quests in the Dark Below can be completed by players who are solely focused on the cooperative story content of The Dark Below.

For example, one Quest creates a continuous chain of multiple tasks that culminates in the “Will of Crota” Strike. Another may simply ask you to return to Earth to take down the surging Hive threat.

This new way of storytelling in Destiny is a bit experimental in nature. We’ve seen players spending a lot of time in the Tower, and we’ve heard loud and clear that players would like more unique gear and additional Bounties. Eris is one part storyteller, one part Tower Vendor, and tens parts creepy.

Some of Eris’ Bounties will be available whether you purchase The Dark Below or not.

To end the Q&A section in their Weekly Update, Bungie said, “We promised to make all of your Exotics worth the price of ownership, and you should expect to hear more about how they’ll continue to be prized possessions in the short term future. Stay tuned!”

More details about The Dark Below – including content that will be featured in the Director, additional changes, tweaks to activity playlists, and Weapon and Armor update and upgrade notes – will arrive as we approach its December 9 release.

Do you plan on buying The Dark Below?

[Source: Bungie]