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Online Reaction Time Test Might Explain Why Some People Are Better at Certain Games

November 3, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


According to a test I just took online, I have a terrible reaction time. I didn’t think much of the results at first, until I realized that maybe that is why I always die a ridiculous amount of times in multiplayer FPS titles.

The test, which is put out by Human Benchmark, simply has the user click the mouse button when the screen turns green. There is no indication of when it will turn, making the user rely almost solely on his or her reaction time. According to the site, the median reaction time is around 215 milliseconds, while I got a sad median time of 289 milliseconds.

It wasn’t until I saw numerous comments on NeoGAF about the test that I realized my poor results could be a representation of how well I can play certain games.┬áMany NeoGAF users made direct comparisons between their years of gaming and how well, or how poorly, they did on the test. I thought back to last night when I played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer modes, and realized if I had been able to pull the trigger faster, I probably would not have died as many times as I did.

Maybe it is just speculation, but I think there is probably a connection between one’s reaction time and how well that person does in certain games. What do you think? What was your median reaction time? Click here to find out your time.

[Source: Human Benchmark via NeoGAF]