Sony: Developers Have the Option to Disable PS4 Share Play (Update)

November 6, 2014Written by Jason Dunning



Activision offered up this statement to Game Informer, explaining why Advanced Warfare doesn’t support Share Play:

Delivering a great gaming experience for fans is our top priority. We’re focused on launching Advanced Warfare and ensuring that people have a great time playing it, which our fans seem to be. Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play. Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analyzed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.

Original Story:

Following reports earlier this week where people said Share Play wouldn’t work in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PlayStation 4, Sony updated their PlayStation Support website to confirm, “Certain software titles may restrict the Share Play feature,” and Advanced Warfare is one of them.

While Activision declined to comment when contacted about Advanced Warfare, CVG was able to receive an explanation from Sony about developers disabling Share Play entirely:

Share Play is a system level feature enabled by System Software Update 2.0 making it available for all PS4 titles, however the option is available to developers to disable the feature according to what they feel will best benefit the consumer experience.

Prior to PS4 firmware update 2.00 releasing, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP of Product Planning Murray Hume alluded to the fact that Share Play would only be restricted in certain situations, but clearly it can go much further:

Generally it’s a standard platform feature. We do know that there are situations where if the game contains a spoiler or if it requires a peripheral for a certain stage, then we have a facility we provide that allows that portion of the game to be stopped and not shown… because there are certain contexts in which it doesn’t work.

What do you think about developers having the ability to disable Share Play entirely?

[Source: CVG]