Sony Releases PS4 Share Play Walkthrough Video, New Live Action PS4 Ad (Update)

November 7, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


For whatever reason, the Share Play walkthrough was set to private. We’ve left the video up at the bottom of the post in case they set it public again, but for now, it won’t appear.

Original Story:

PlayStation Europe unveiled two new videos for the PlayStation 4 today, each focused on Share Play.

In the first video (above), Welcome to the Future of Play, you’ll get to see two people caught in the middle of a Viking attack. As neither wants to die, they attempt a couple of ways to get through the battle, with the final option of inviting their friend via Share Play featured.

In the second video, Sony runs you through Share Play and exactly how it works (in more detail than the previous walkthrough video). Pointing out how a PlayStation Plus membership is required for certain functions and that you’ll need PS4 firmware update 2.00 or higher to use Share Play, here’s the walkthrough:

Have you tried Share Play yet? What do you think of it?