Upcoming Destiny Updates Detailed by Bungie

November 10, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


During their latest Weekly Update, Bungie revealed that they’ve “prepped some packages for deployment,” which is their way of saying more updates are on the way for Destiny. Noting that the updates may “rattle a window or two,” Bungie adds, “Our aim is to build rather than destroy.”

Set for release in the coming weeks, here’s some of the things coming to Destiny that Bungie mentioned previously:

  • Channels for talking to matchmade teammates, if you so wish
  • Exotic weapons that are stronger and more interesting to upgrade
  • New gear to let you slip into something a little more Legendary
  • That which waits in The Dark Below

And here’s what’s been kept a secret:

  • New shaders for your gear
  • Ways to preview items before you spend your Glimmer
  • Greater chances of “showers” in public spaces
  • Adjustments to some arenas that needed better traffic flow
  • New economies to equip you with upgrade materials
  • Fixes, patches, and other invisible technical evolutions
  • Some other tricks up our sleeve
  • Maybe even a more generous Cryptarch (he’ll still be sort of a bastard)

As always, full details on each of the updates will be provided once they go live.

Elsewhere in the Weekly Update, Bungie talked a bit about The Dark Below and how everyone will be downloading some big files soon:

As you take these updates, you’ll be downloading some large files. When we shoot our way through the living social world of Destiny together, we share the same version of that world. Whether you explore more deeply into that world or not, it will continue to grow. 

We’re adding some real estate for you to reclaim in The Dark Below. We’re also adding some mood and polish to untapped environments. These are the things that turn an empty space into an experience – the sort that finds you fighting for your life. Our team has been weaving a new web to ensnare you.

What do you think of the updates coming to Destiny?

[Source: Bungie]