Dodge ‘Em Up Lost Orbit Flies to PS4 in Early 2015

November 11, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Set for release in early 2015 on PlayStation 4 is Lost Orbit from developer PixelNAUTS, which will also be playable next month at PlayStation Experience.

Playing as Harrison, a lowly maintenance worker stranded in space after is ship is destroyed by a strange anomaly, you must survive by upgrading Harrison’s kit, which allows you to customize the play style in this “dodge ’em up.”

As you can tell by the gameplay video, death will be a big part of Lost Orbit. Chris Iacobucci, Co-Founder of PixelNAUTS and former Darksiders developer, talked about how death is dealt with:

Space travel is dangerous, and the universe of Lost Orbit is no exception. There is no baby proofing present. As a lone, ship-less astronaut, you are extremely vulnerable. Lost Orbit is challenging and you will die a lot, but we wanted to create an experience where players didn’t feel punished for dying. Dying in Lost Orbit happens quickly, is humorous, and is easy to recover from.

Players can watch their mangled body float away while they shed tears over the loss of life, or respawn instantly, getting right back into the action. The game feels suspenseful without the dread of a frustrating five minute post-death cinematic. Risk it all for your chance at survival. After all, everyone has to die sometime.

Iacobucci then confirmed that they’ll be using both the DualShock 4’s speaker and light bar, but there’s no plans to utilize swiping on the touch pad.

[Source: PS Blog]