Former Sony Engineer Leaves His Name in Code in Every PS4

November 11, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


While Kazuya Sakakihara no longer works as a software engineer for Sony, he made sure that every PlayStation 4 in the world holds his legacy.

Before leaving Sony, Sakakihara left his name inside of every PS4’s HDD code. While coders frequently do fun things like this, they don’t normal leave their names or calling cards in the actual code. Thanks to Kotaku, an image of Sakakihara’s name in the code can be seen below.

Sakakihara Code

Interestingly, his name is spelled wrong in the code, with the “a” in the wrong spot. Do you think he did that on purpose, or was it simply a typo? What do you think of Sakakihara adding his name into the HDD code in the first place? 

[Source: Kotaku]