Sony Plans on Adding PS1 & PS2 Games to PlayStation Now “Longer Term”

November 13, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


After announcing the addition of EA games to PlayStation Now, PlayStation Now Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi went on the PS Blog to answer many questions about the future of the service.

One common theme was that people wanted more first-party PlayStation 3 titles on PS Now, and Jamshidi confirmed they’re on the way, though he didn’t quite say which ones we’ll receive:

Making our first-party PS3 games available is definitely a strong part of the vision of PlayStation Now. We want to make these amazing PlayStation 3 games accessible to more people than ever and on more devices than ever, including on the PS4.

So yes, we definitely have more first-party titles lined up for release in the near future. Hold tight!

As for the subscription service they’re working on, Jamshidi said, “I’m very excited about it. We see it adding a complimentary option to rentals as a way to enjoy immediate access to PlayStation 3 games via PlayStation Now. More details coming in the near future!”

Something else people have been waiting for since the launch of PS Now are the addition of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. While Sony’s previously been non-committal and sometimes vague about them, Jamshidi revealed that they have plans to add them in the future:

We are focusing on the amazing PS3 library at the moment, but do have plans to go back even further in time and offer PS2 and PS1 games longer term.

Regarding the lack of a short trial or demo for PlayStation Now to see how it will run on your connection, Jamshidi said, “We are exploring ways that would let people to try out the service in the future. Stay tuned.”

[Source: PS Blog]