Early Access – Dragon Age: Inquisition Videos Show Off Mages, Warriors, and Rogues

November 14, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141101201635

With Dragon Age: Inquisition just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to show some videos that feature different types of combat in the RPG title.

As you might have seen in our glowing review, Inquisition features huge, open areas to do battle in, as well as numerous skills and abilities to use on your enemies that are unique to whatever basic class – Mage, Warrior, Rogue – you choose to play as.

In our first video, we give you a glimpse of what types of spells mages have at their disposal. In my party of four, I chose to use Dorian, who has some fire and electric spells; Vivian, who has mostly ice spells; Solas, who uses a lot of healing and protection spells; and Mythev, my own character, who uses Necromancy. All four of these mage-type characters can be seen wreaking havoc upon an unsuspecting group of bandits.

In our next video, I have chosen to add three warrior followers into my party. I have Blackwall, a Grey Warden who has a strong defense; Cassandra, a warrior that focuses on a having a balanced offense and defense; and Iron Bull, a Qunari that really packs a punch. These warriors can be seen clearing out a group of bad guys from some abandoned ruins.

Finally, we wanted to give a glimpse as to what rogues can do in Inquisition. They can either be skilled bowmen or lightning-fast, dagger-wielding blurs. In this video, three rogues have joined my party. We have Sera, a skilled archer who has a number of bow techniques at her disposal; Varric, a sneaky dwarf who mainly uses his crossbow; and Cole, a super-fast rogue that uses twin daggers to deal damage.

What do you think of each class? Will you choose to be either a mage, warrior, or rogue in Dragon Age: Inquisition? Let us know in the comments.