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“It’s Harder to Make Games for Casuals Than Hardcore Gamers,” Says Assassin’s Creed Dev

November 15, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Assassin’s Creed Unity Game Director, Marc Albinet, has said that catering to casual gamers is tougher than catering to hardcore gamers. In an interview with, he also said that developers “need to understand casual gamers and how they work” before making a game for this segment of the market. 

What the casual experience made me understand is that you need to understand your players. The game you are making is not for you; it’s for your players. So you need to understand your players and then you can make the game for them. It’s really the trajectory you need to have as a developer. For the AAA industry, it’s something you need. If you don’t have this loop, you’ll make the game for you. I’m not saying it won’t be good then, but for sure it will be for a smaller audience.

In the same interview, Albinet said that he returned to making core games with Unity because the brand needed a “fresh vision.”

I think why I came to this project is that the brand needed fresh vision, fresh thoughts. So I think it was important, and I was not the only guy not having done AC before. There were several of us who were fresh blood on the brand in order to give fresh ideas and learn from the others, too.

Do you think Albinet is right in saying that it’s tougher to develop for casual gamers?