SCEA Boss on DriveClub: Evolution Tried to do the Greatest Thing Ever in Racing and “Hit a Hiccup”

November 17, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Still plagued by issues over a month later, DriveClub launched for PlayStation 4 on October 7 and, shortly after the midnight launch, the servers hit their absolute limit due to the amount of social activity between players.

When it comes to people outside of Evolution Studios talking about DriveClub, Shuhei Yoshida spoke out on October 30 to reveal the PlayStation Plus Edition was delayed further due to continuing server problems. Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment America President Shawn Layden sat down with IGN, where he addressed the launch of DriveClub.

After saying how Evolution’s ambition with DriveClub was to “create this uber-connected experience, melded with the driving experience,” Layden added:

In the development cycle, we try to do all things. In the development cycle, we try to test against every possibility. We have a [Quality Assurance] team, we have a QA plan. You do a beta test, you scope against that. But now, in a connected world, you can’t effectively test in your house or in your beta group what it means to have 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 users hit your service. And the guys [at Evolution] are struggling with that. It’s throwing up things they had not anticipated.

Progress with DriveClub is moving forward every day, but Layden admits it’s going slowly:

It is going slowly, but, you know, they tried to do the best, newest, greatest thing ever to happen in the driving genre and they hit a hiccup. I prefer people to have the ambition to try that, though. It’s no fun being safe all the time.

An update for DriveClub is coming tomorrow and adds Photo Mode, free tracks, and more. Next week, Evolution is handing out two free premium DLC packs as a thank you to everyone who owns the game.

Later this year, the weather update will come to DriveClub.

[Source: IGN]