SCE Boss Andrew House Plans to Improve PlayStation Plus, Unsure If PS4’s Life Cycle Will Outlive PS2’s

November 25, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House has recently said that not only does he have “high hopes” that the PlayStation 4 will have a longer life cycle than the PS3, but he also that he wants to improve PS Plus in the near future.

Speaking during the Investor Relations Day in Tokyo, House explained that even though the PS4 is still fairly new, he believes it will have a longer lifespan than the PS3. However, he mentioned that he and his team is not yet sure if it will perform better than the PS2, as it is too early in the game to tell.

Again. Not giving hard numbers, but the best guidance that I think I can offer based on the landscape that we see right now, is that we have high hopes that the PlayStation 4 will exceed the overall life cycle of PlayStation 3. It remains a significant question mark as to whether this will approach or exceed that of PlayStation 2.

House also discussed plans to improve the overall quality of PlayStation Plus. Not only does he want to increase the community surrounding PS Plus, but he also wants to give players better free monthly games. House explained that Sony is planning on increase the multiplayer line-up, making it more necessary to subscribe to the service.

What do you think about Sony wanting to beef up PS Plus? Do you think the PS4 will have a longer life cycle than the PS2?

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