Sony Planning to Focus on PS4 After It Posts Losses in Other Divisions

November 26, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


Sony is planning to focus on the PlayStation 4 as it prepares to cut its TV and mobile product lines after posting heavy losses in both divisions.

Previously this year, Sony told investors to expect a huge $2.14 billion loss, mostly due to poor smartphone sales. In a new plan, the company is aiming to cut down on smartphone and TV production and instead focus on a three-year business plan that will hopefully boost sales by its video game division by as much asĀ $13.6 billion.

PS4 sales around the world have been extremely high, and currently are higher than both Wii U and Xbox One sales. If Sony can keep up these sales, then hope they can begin turning a profit. What do you think of Sony’s plan? Do you own any Sony TVs or phones?

[Source: Reuters]