New Terraria Update Brings Fixes, New Features, and Christmas Goodies

December 13, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


A new Terraria update is headed to PlayStation Platforms, which will introduce fixes, new features, and some new items for the holiday season. 

In terms of patches, the PS4 cross-play to PS3 and PS Vita has been fixed. New mechanics and items are listed below:

• Christmas presents now stack
• Christmas presents can be placed
• Candy Cane blocks now (auto)stack when obtaining them from a present

• Christmas Tree + decorations (Santa)
• Tree topper 4 (from presents)
• Wallpaper (painter)
• Vanity items (from presents)
• Pine Tree Block [building block]
• Christmas Pudding [consumable]
• Sugar Cookie [consumable]
• Gingerbread Cookie [consumable]
• Eggnog [consumable]
• Red Ryder [weapon] (also drops musket balls)
• Candy Cane Sword [weapon]
• Candy Cane Pickaxe [tool]
• Candy Cane Hook [item]
• Fruitcake Chakrum [weapon]
• Hand Warmer [accessory]
• Toolbox [accessory]
• Holly [furniture]
• Star Anise [weapon]
• Pine Door [furniture\pine tree block x 6]
• Pine Chair [furniture\pine tree block x 4]
• Pine Table [furniture\pine tree block x 8]
• Dog whistle

The Vita update should be live within the next week.