Persona Super Live Event Threatened by (Mock) Terror in New Persona 5 Teaser

February 5, 2015Written by Heath Hindman

Atlus is hyping up PS3 and PS4 RPG Persona 5 with this new video, done with a mock news reporter discussing a possible threat of a terrorist attack on the Persona Super Live event.

Here’s what the newscaster is saying:

“We interrupt this program with a special news report. A character calling himself ‘The Phantom’ delivered a mysterious note to the Nippon Budokan, the arena in which the Persona Super Live event is scheduled to be held.

“Do you see this? This (image) was suddenly published in the morning edition of the newspaper. Authorities say there’s a high possibility that this is some kind of rebellious message. The investigation is continuing. The company that is holding the event, Atlus, is planning to go ahead with it (despite this warning). This concludes our breaking news report.”

Clearly this is to get gamers wondering who The Phantom is, and why he’s ruining the opera –er, game. The game.

But if you’ve already played a Persona game, chances are you didn’t need any more buzz, did you?