PS4 RTS Close Castles is “Currently on Hold”

February 5, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Announced in December prior to PlayStation Experience, Close Castles is a PlayStation 4 game from Threes developer Asher Vollmer, originally planned for release in 2015.

Aiming to fix everything wrong with real-time strategy games by making the average round in Close Castles around three minutes on the fastest speed, the game is built for local multiplayer, meaning there’s no hidden information. Vollmer explained:

The premise of Close Castles is simple: You and your greatest rival have built your castles WAY too close to each other. Your job is to build up your kingdom (despite the cramped quarters) while simultaneously sending out your loyal citizens to tear down the enemy’s vulnerable castle. We plan to have an amazing, harrowing story that somehow justifies the fact that all these castles were built in such proximity.

Unfortunately, Vollmer went on Twitter yesterday to announce, “Close Castles is currently on hold. I am working on a new mobile game now.”

Answering some questions from fans, Vollmer explained that “I designed myself into a corner. I need to take a step back for a while.” He adds, “I’m taking a break because CC needs a fundamental overhaul! We’ll see how I feel about it in a few months.”

“I don’t particularly enjoy the game in it’s current incarnation. And few people outside of myself enjoy it either!” he says. “This leaves me pretty much unable to continue until I overhaul the game and bring it up to a minimum level of quality.”

Were you looking forward to Close Castles?

[Source: Asher Vollmer (Twitter), PS Blog via GameSpot]