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Shuhei Yoshida “Hates” Annualized Franchises, Thinks Marketing Teams and Game Devs Don’t See Eye to Eye

February 6, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Shuhei Yoshida

Speaking with IGN at the recent 2015 DICE Summit, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida mentioned that he is not a huge fan of annualized franchises. In fact, he “hates” them.

Yoshida explained that in a lot of situations, marketing teams and game developers don’t see eye to eye. Understandably, the marketing folks are concerned about profits, while the game developers are more concerned about their product, leading to issues surrounding release dates and even sequels.

He went on to say that marketing teams often will push for sequels because they know they will sell well, but don’t take into account the ever-lengthening development process. This creates a whole bunch of issues with the game developers and the marketing people, and the whole mess is one of the reasons why Yoshida “hates” annualized franchises.

What do you think about annualized franchises? Are you also growing tired of them?

[Source: IGN]