Evolve Trophy List Revealed, Get Ready to Kill a Lot of Monsters and Hunters

February 9, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


Are you ready to play as both the Hunters and the Monsters in Evolve? You should be, because in order to get all 50 Trophies for the game, you’ll need to play a huge amount of matches as each one of the different Hunters and each one of the different Monsters.

According to the full Trophy list, which was only recently revealed, players will have to evenly spread out their time between the two factions in order to get that Platinum Trophy. Almost every Trophy revolves around either killing a certain number of Hunters or Monsters, or winning a certain number of games. 

Actually, the only Trophy that looks truly easy to get is the Strategist Trophy, a Silver Trophy which can be obtained by watching all of the tutorial videos. I think I’ll go for that one first, after installing that massive 3GB day one patch that essentially makes Evolve actually playable.

What do you think of Evolve‘s Trophy list? Which ones are you going to try to get first? If you are still on the fence about whether or not to buy Evolve, check out our “Everything You Need to Know” post. Our review is still in progress, and will hopefully be published later this week.

[Source: Exophase]