Battlefield Hardline Influenced by Real-Life Events, Beta Helped Make “Most Stable, Most Fun BF Ever”

February 10, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


A number of controversial and police-related events occurred in the US last year, and it looks like they may have helped shape Battlefield Hardline.

In an interview with GameSpot, Visceral Games Senior Producer Scott Probst revealed that these events helped bring up some “key issues that we need to discuss as a team,” giving the team an idea of what it “should or should not be doing.”

Yes, it’s had an effect, and I think a positive one, because it’s brought up a lot of key issues that we need to discuss as a team to make sure that we’re addressing.

I think it’s a very important topic and something we should be aware of. And we should make sure that we’re not in any way exploiting that or making it a negative experience for players. A lot of these unfortunate events have actually helped provide feedback to us about things that we should or should not be doing. And that’s helped craft a lot of our experience.

Probst proceeded to say that Visceral Games is not trying to make a statement with Hardline, and when asked if he could come up with any specific examples of real-life events that helped define the game, he explained that he couldn’t think of any in particular.

Visceral Games has also mentioned that real-life events were not the only things that helped define Hardline, but those of us who played the recent beta also helped influence the shooter. A total of six million players participated in the beta, and Visceral mentioned in a tweet that those players “helped us make the most stable, most fun BF ever.”

Were you able to participate in the beta? What do you think of the idea that real-life events helped influence Battlefield Hardline?

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