Persona 5 Story, Battle, Gameplay Details

February 10, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


The internet has leaked Persona 5 details from this week’s Famitsu magazine. Persona fans will feel right at home with the setting, as it once again takes place in a high school. The protagonist is a second-year student living in (above?) a coffee drop run by his parents’ friends, and takes place in Tokyo, featuring real districts such as Shibuya.

The player character is said to be quiet, strong, and secretive. His first Persona, Arsene, is dressed to look like a classical thief. He meets Anne and Ryuji early, and, this being Persona, players will soon get to know these characters’ problems. Losing home might be something the trio has in common.

The dungeon of which we saw clips in the recent trailer was not randomly generated as previous Persona game dungeons have been. The magazine simply points this out and says that in doing so, it doesn’t mean random generation is completely out the window.

Social links are back, as well as turn-based battles. Naturally, players can expect both similarities and changes.

Persona 5 is expected to release in 2015, for both Ps3 and PS4.

[Source: Hachima and Sokuho via Siliconera)