Report: Rebellion Suggests Custom Backgrounds Coming in Future PS4 Firmware Update (Update)

February 10, 2015Written by Jason Dunning



Rebellion offered an official statement on the matter, clearing up that they didn’t accidentally leak an upcoming PS4 feature:

Sorry PlayStation gamers, I’m afraid we’re just as in the dark as you are about the next PS4 update! This is what we get for being organized!

When we were putting together our wishlist for we thought custom console themes would be a cool giveaway.

Lo-and-behold PS4 ‘custom themes’ came out but didn’t include the ability to add custom backgrounds (which we’d already been working on), so we probably do need to tweak the wording in the website to be a bit clearer.

At least, if they do announce custom backgrounds we’ll be the first dev to have them ready. Your move Sony!

Anyway, if you’d like some beautiful Xbox One, smartphone, desktop and (hopefully future-proof) PS4 backgrounds, AND some exclusive Zombie Army Trilogy MP3s, head to and sign up to the newsletter!

Original Story:

Definitely something that should be treated as a rumor for now, the Zombie Army Trilogy website suggests that the PlayStation 4 could be getting the ability to set custom backgrounds in an upcoming firmware update.

You’ll be able to see the above image after going to the free content section of the website and signing up.

Given that it’s been over two months since the last PS4 firmware update, one should be arriving soon. If a leak from December is to be believed, a friend notification feature might even be added.

When we receive any concrete details about the next PS4 firmware update, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Zombie Army via William Dearborn, Wario64]