Destiny “House of Wolves” Expansion Download File Available on Xbox Store, Level 42 Player Found

February 11, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Destiny Level 42

Someone saw something a little out of the ordinary the other day in Destiny, and took to Reddit to talk about his find.

While walking around The Tower, Reddit user AerobicPie73630 came across a level 42 Destiny player, and took a quick video to prove it. The player’s username is DestinyHelp02, which makes it seem like the user is probably a Bungie employee. Whether or not this sweet gear will ever be available to the public is unknown, but perhaps it has something to do with the “House of Wolves” expansion, which apparently the file of which can be downloaded — but not used — on the Xbox Store already.

According to Arekkz Gaming, a small authentication files can be downloaded from the Xbox Store for Season Pass holders. Currently, there is no official release date associated with the expansion at this time, but some leaked data and images seem to suggest it is coming out in May.

What are your thoughts on the level 42 Destiny player? What about that “House of Wolves” authentication file?

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