Pillar Launches Next Week on PS4, New Trailer Reveals Some of the Puzzles

February 12, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Priced at $7.99/€8.99/£7.39, with a 10% launch discount to PlayStation Plus members, Pillar has been confirmed for PlayStation 4 release on February 17 in North America and February 18 in Europe.

A collection of mini-games where each game represents a different type of personality found in people, Designer Michael Hicks talked about how he decided on the price and how long it takes to beat the game:

I’d like to drop the professionalism cloak for a second and say a few things. The first is that I hope most people find the price to be fair; I struggled with pegging one down. I started working on Pillar in August 2012, and it’s been my life ever since so it’s hard to put a price tag on that. It means the world to just have people play it, but I’m also trying to make a living so I want to charge something that will let me keep doing this full time. The game takes around five hours to 100% complete, and I feel each part of the game is unique; there isn’t any filler in Pillar. (Sick rhyme!)

Is Pillar something you’ll be checking out next week?

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]