Destiny Update 1.1.1 Will Make it Easier to Check Your Reputations

February 13, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Still promised to arrive before the end of February, Bungie talked a bit more about update 1.1.1 in Destiny, which we already know is set to include a Heavy Ammo bug fix and lots of weapon tuning.

Following fan feedback, David Candland, Design Lead for the User Interface Team, confirmed that they’ve made it easier to see your faction reputations:

We’ve created a way for you to see your faction reputations and weekly marks without having to run from vendor to vendor in the Tower. Now this information is never more than two clicks away!

Noting how they’re “working on a lot of new features,” he added:

This one is being included in 1.1.1 because it had a very low impact on our Test team. We’ve known we’ve wanted this feature since we donned our first piece of faction class gear, and the community has too. It was a no-brainer.

In the Bungie Weekly Update next week, we’ll learn about what 1.1.1 update has in store for Strikes.

[Source: Bungie]