DriveClub Update 1.11 Now Live, Takes up 700MB

February 16, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Fully detailed back on Friday, Evolution has confirmed that update 1.11 for DriveClub is now available to download. Taking up 690MB, this brings the total of all patches to 6.56GB.

In addition to all the other patch notes, Evolution talked about how this update fixes issues with certain Trophies:

  • Contender – You no longer need to be online when the challenge ends to earn this Trophy.
  • Unbeatable – You no longer need to be online when the 5 challenges end to earn this Trophy.
  • All ‘Rising Star’ Tour Trophies – Fewer stars are now required to earn these Trophies.

This update also preps DriveClub for the Downforce Expansion Pack and Midnight Tour Pack, which will be available through the PlayStation Store next week in North America, Europe, and Japan (Asia gets it on March 4).

Up next for DriveClub, Evolution is looking to add private lobbies, replays, changes to drift scoring, more cars, and new ranks, while also releasing the MyDriveClub app and DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, though the latter still doesn’t have a launch date.

Are you going to be racing on the new Kobago track today?

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook)]