Bloodborne Gameplay Video Features Lots of Weapons and Lots of Killing

February 17, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

A new IGN First video has just popped up, giving us a first look at some of the devastation that the awesome weapons in Bloodborne can do.

The player in the gameplay video uses a variety of weapons to slay numerous enemies and monsters. From guns, to swords, to whips, to huge maces-like weapons, watch as numerous enemies are cut down in highly entertaining ways. I didn’t see any shields in this video, but that’s okay, because the developers have said that it is best to be “aggressive” in battle, which this player definitely is.

What did you think of all that monster killing with all of those different weapons? Will you be picking up Bloodborne for the PlayStation 4 when it releases on March 24?

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]