Evolve Balance Update on the Way, May be the “Focus of Some Controversy”

February 17, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


With their game having been on the market for a week now, Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has received lots of feedback. Responding to some of this, Co-Founder Chris Ashton revealed on their forums yesterday that a balance update is on the way, but it might include some changes people don’t necessarily agree with:

We are working on the first balance update now and I’m sure it’ll be the focus of some controversy but I know everyone will be excited to dig in and see how the game changes with update. Personally I always love digging through the change notes of any game I play.

Ashton continued by talking about some of the new content coming to Evolve in the future:

Additionally we are hard at work on Behemoth and the Tier 4 Hunters. Each one brings something new to the plate whether you play as them, along side them, or against them. The new maps are also beautiful and really different. The new game mode is still early but the initial response has been very positive. Observer mode is going to be a nice addition too. I expect lots of the streamers will have a go at shoutcasting games.

If you just care about the free content, he said in a separate thread a few days ago, “We do have new maps coming, which will plug into Evacuation mode with their own map effects, Observer mode so a sixth player can spectate both teams, ranked play for more competitive gamers, and hopefully an all new game mode, all for free in the future.”

While we don’t quite know when the next title update for Evolve is scheduled to arrive, Ashton said it would also include lowered requirements to get the Elite Goliath.

What changes would you like to see in Evolve?

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