PS4 Update 2.04 Now Out, Causes Problems for Some Users

February 17, 2015Written by Alex Co


Sony has just rolled out a new PlayStation 4 firmware update today, and it unexpectedly brought in some issues along for the ride.

It seems PS4 update 2.04, which is around 207MB in size, has not only brought Sony’s PSN servers to its knees for a few hours, but also shoved in¬†the SU-307099 error — at least when it initially rolled out.

According to this Reddit thread, in case you’re one of the many who are getting the error, a temporary solution is to go to “Settings,” then scroll down to “System Software Update,” go through the on-screen prompts and this update should download as it should be.

So, just what is in this new update? Unfortunately, it’s nothing new and is yet another stability update.

Official patch notes has the following descrption:

System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

Thankfully, I updated my PS4 just now and it worked without a hitch.  Hopefully, the rest of you gamers out there experience the same thing. And yes, the irony of a stability update possibly needing a stability update of its own could very well be the butt of jokes for the day.

Have you downloaded the new update yet? Did you experience any issues before or after downloading it?