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Sony Buys a $128,000 20th Anniversary PS4 for a Great Cause

February 18, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


A month or so ago, Sony auctioned off the first 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 console created by the company with the intent that the proceeds would go to the Save the Children Japan charity organization. Sony had said that they would match whatever amount of money the auction brought it, essentially doubling the amount of money that the charity would receive.

The auction for the PS4 ended up finishing at around $128,000, with Sony promising to match that amount. However, the company recently announced that things with the winning bidder have apparently fallen through, and that the unnamed person would not be donating any money.

But, rather than leave Save the Children Japan empty handed, Sony has decided to buy the PS4 themselves and continue to match that amount, meaning the company will be donating a whopping $256,000 to the charity. That’s a lot of dough!

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