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Paradox CEO Would Like to See “More Goat Simulator” and “Less Call of Duty”

February 18, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Goat Simulator

Speaking at a roundtable interview, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester mentioned that smaller publishers, like Paradox, should focus on creating more unique games like Goat Simulator in order to compete with other publishers.

Competition is really fierce. You have to have an edge in there, and that’s why I say ‘more Goat Simulator and less Call of Duty’ for Paradox, because we need the edge.

It’s easier to get out and market, it’s easier to show what you’re doing. People are tired of explosions and dubstep music. We’ve seen it a million times now, like, stop doing it. No more.

Paradox COO Susana Meza Graham then went on to mention that she believes many publishers and developers will begin to spend less money on creating games, simply because consumer expectations will likely be dashed no matter what.

As an industry we’ve just tried to top each other every single time we release something, it’s going to be bigger, better, bigger productions, bigger marketing budgets, whatever, whatever. Then all of a sudden it’s released and we still can’t meet consumers’ expectations because some things don’t work maybe as planned, the plans were too ambitious.

Paradox’s games include the popular Europa Universalis titles, as well as the Magicka games. What do you think of Wester’s and Graham’s comments? Do you agree with them?

[Source: PC Gamer via VG247]