Play-Asia Chinese New Year Sale, Now Through Feb. 23

February 18, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


Import game/toy/stuff vendor is having its annual Chinese New Year sale, now through the 23rd of this month. Chinese New Year is like regular New Year, except with a lot of opportunities for jokes based on stereotypes that may or may not make you kind of an ass — especially if it’s the year of the ass, which for me is every year. Eh heh heh…aaaaanyway. 

If you see “Lai See” (that sheep in the banner), the item in question is on sale. When you buy a sale item, your name is entered into a drawing to win either brand new Vita, a New 3DS XL (apparently in the region and style of your choice), or a Metal Slime special edition PS4.

So if you’ve been thinking about importing some games, you can zip on over to Play-Asia and give some things a look. Happy Chinese New Year.