Ready at Dawn CEO: Games Coming Out in the Future Will Look “So Much Better” Than The Order: 1886

February 18, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


If you’re worried that The Order: 1886 will be filled with quick-time events when you get your hands on it starting this Friday, Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya spoke with Videogamer last week, explaining that they didn’t make it as a QTE game:

As a matter of fact, [QTEs are] sparse. I think people actually automatically assumed it was that kind of game maybe because of the way it looks. I’ve been told before that people looked at the game, looked at the visuals, and just said, ‘Oh well, it’s kind of like those games that are just QTE games. They look pretty but you just push a button once in a [while].’

As you switch between combat and those “little QTE moments that are here and there,” Ru says that the visuals won’t change.

Further discussing visuals, Weerasuriya knows “that there’s games coming out that are going to be so much better than the ones that we make even.” Noting how “this generation is going to be pretty sweet,” he’s excited about what he knows Ready at Dawn is going to do next.

He added, “I’m just excited because things are going to start looking better and better, and they’re going to play better and we’re going to be able to do every single type of game in this kind of visual fidelity.”

[Source: Videogamer]