Sony Outlines Three-Year Plan to Become Profitable Again

February 18, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

PS4 (header)

After a number of losses last year, Sony has announced new details on its three-year plan to make the company profitable again.

Speaking during a briefing, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai mentioned that the plan will take money away from the company’s TV and smartphone divisions and will put more money into its PlayStation 4 systems and its camera sensors. As of right now, Sony’s TV and smartphone sectors have simply received too much competition from other competitors, namely Samsung, and have been the two biggest drains on Sony’s money.

At the same time, camera sensor sales and PS4 sales have both been consistently high, prompting the company to focus on these two areas. Hirai mentioned that Sony will be making a push to expand the number of PlayStation users, although it is unclear if that will mean price cuts to the PS4 consoles or not.

What do you think about Sony’s plan? Do you think they are making a smart decision in pulling back from the TV and smartphone sectors?

[Source: Reuters]