Bloodborne Story Trailer Introduces Yharnham, Begins the Hunt

February 19, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

With just over a month to go until launch, Sony released the official story trailer for Bloodborne today, which introduces you to some of the characters you’ll encounter in the cursed city of Yharnham, while also hinting at some of the dark secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Japan Studio Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa talked about Bloodborne on the PlayStation Blog, where he mentioned that it’s nearly complete:

When we revealed the first 18 minutes of the game a few weeks ago, I introduced how the game starts with the player arriving in Yharnam and receiving a blood transfusion from a strange doctor, which ends up clouding his memory. Is this all a dream? A nightmare? Where did all of the beasts come from? And what secrets does this Yharnam blood hold? Check out the trailer for just a small taste of the mysteries and horrors waiting for you in Bloodborne.

I’m extremely excited that Bloodborne is just about complete, and I cannot wait to unleash it on the world and see how players react. The story campaign is a dark adventure that will deliver epic challenges and epic rewards from the very start. Plus, with our multiplayer and new Chalice Dungeon features, we are looking to deliver even more new ways for fans to connect, play, discover, and conquer new challenges than ever before.

Bloodborne launches for the PS4 on March 24 in North America and March 25 in Europe.

[Source: PS Blog]