Report: Harmonix Possibly Developing a New Rock Band for PS4 and Xbox One

February 19, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


Could Harmonix be developing a new Rock Band for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One? That’s a question that fans of the music game have probably been asking since the current-gen consoles first came out, and, according to some new data, it appears as if the company very well could be.

NeoGAF user Gunstarheroes recently noticed that the cleverly named Pinny Arcade list, which features a bunch of pins that showcase what certain developers will be showcasing at PAX East, has a listing for Harmonix. The strange thing, however, is that Harmonix’s pin only appears as a question mark. This lets us know that they will probably be announcing a new game soon, but it does not actually give us a clue as to what that game could be.

Pinny Arcade

Harmonix itself tweeted about the list, simply providing a link to it and writing “Hmmmm…”.

According to a Bloomberg article, a Harmonix insider recently revealed that the company has been working on a new game since 2012, but did not give any details. At the same time, Bloomberg points out that the company sent out a survey in January, which sought to judge people’s interest in a Rock Band that would release for PS4 or Xbox One.

I know some of this information seems speculative, but what do you think? Will a new Rock Band be announced soon or not?

[Source: Penny Arcade, Harmonix (Twitter) via NeoGAF, Bloomberg]