Analyst Firm Predicts PS4 Will Outsell Xbox One by 40% Through 2018

February 19, 2015Written by Alex Co

PS4 vs Xbox One Sales

While it’s no secret that the PlayStation 4 is handily outselling the Xbox One to date, this trend might continue for the next few years according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

In the firm’s “Connected Home Devices Report,” it states that it expects the PS4 to “reproduce the success of the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii.” The firm predicts that by 2019, Sony’s PS4 installed base will be at around 80 million, which should give it a sizable edge of 40 percent compared to the firm’s estimated 57 million Xbox Ones sold. 

Strategy Analytics mentions that the PS4’s 18.5 million units shipped in its first year is closer to the pace of the PS2 (20.1 million), rather than the slow starting PS3 (10.5 million).

Will the firm’s prediction ring true? It’s not improbable given how well the PS4 has been outselling the Xbox One. But even so, Sony shouldn’t rest on its laurels and assume this gen is already won, no?

Do you think this 40 percent gap will come true in a few years’ time or will it even be bigger?

[Source: GamesIndustry]