The Order: 1886 Day One Patch Notes Listed, Key Fixes Include “Impacted Save Data”

February 19, 2015Written by Alex Co


While The Order: 1886 pre-load on the PlayStation Store revealed that a small day one update has been rolled out by Ready at Dawn, we can now share just what this patch houses.

On the official The Order: 1886 review info sheet, Sony lists what the patch fixes and mentions, “As of now,1.01 is the only patch we have scheduled for The Order: 1886.”

Patch 1.01 Details

Patch 1.01 will be available upon booting up the game and fixes six rare, multi-step, low production rate (hard to reproduce) crashes, the most impactful of which resulted in impacted save data. As of now, 1.01 is the only patch we have scheduled for The Order: 1886.

Based on our playthrough, the patch certainly did the trick, as we haven’t encountered any save data issues at all — at least on our end.

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