Aces of the Luftwaffe Attacks the PS4 Next Week in Europe

February 20, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

A “classic retro shoot ’em up” from Handy Games, Aces of the Luftwaffe is scheduled to release on February 25 in Europe for the PlayStation 4, priced at €4.99. There was no word on a North American release.

Playing as the Allies fighting against the German, CEO Christopher Kassulke explained that this isn’t a historically correct game, and is instead about having fun. Choosing between three different planes and pilots with different skills, you’ll be able to play in five different level packages, where you fight a flying tank or armored Zeppelin.

He continued:

You can collect mighty power-ups in each mission. Multiply the fire power of your plane, repair damage on the fly, call for wingmen or use the super power of each plane to give them hell.

You can, of course, also upgrade all the planes so that they get more powerful in your missions. Use the collected medals in the game and use them wisely. We have a variety of missions, from escorting your bombers to enemy territory, to destroying enemy tanks on the front lines. We really honour the genre with this title and bring a great gaming experience to your PS4!

Kassulke also revealed that Handy Games is bringing more titles to the PS4 later this year, though he wouldn’t say which ones.

[Source: EU PS Blog]