Destiny Player Tries to Use Supposed Share Play Glitch to Level Up Character, Learns Valuable Lesson Instead

February 20, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

If you ever want to know why you shouldn’t give strangers complete control over your PlayStation 4 via Share Play, then take a look at the above video.

In it, Destiny player Cuckooknight is told by two people he had met online that they could bring his level 23 character up to level 30 in a short amount of time using a supposed glitch. In order for it to work, the players would need to take control of Cuckooknight’s PS4 using Share Play.

Cuckooknight, who was streaming at the time, ends up giving the players control and leaves the room for a while. During that time, the two other players delete all of his characters, including a level 31 character who was decked out with exotics. Cuckooknight returns to the room only after his stuff got deleted.

Unfortunately, it looks like this Destiny player learned the dangers of Share Play the hard way, but hopefully the story will make players more cautious in the future, What do you think of this story? Do you have any similar tales to tell?

[Source: Bungie Forums, Courtney Smith Kramer (YouTube) via Reddit]