Square Enix Shows Over 40 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Demo Gameplay Footage on PS4

February 20, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

During a livestream earlier today with Game Director Hajime Tabata, Square Enix gave us 40 minutes of Final Fantasy XV demo footage running on PlayStation 4 (starts at 34:09).

Included inside day one copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, the FFXV demo does have an ending and is expected to take around three hours to complete. As the ability to drive a car is cut out of the demo, all exploration will be done on foot.

At the end of the stream, Tabata held a Q&A, revealing that the FFXV demo doesn’t run at 1080p/30fps, but the final product is aiming for full HD. Additionally, while weather changes aren’t in the demo, Square Enix is planning to have them in the full game, which he said is about 60% complete – up from the 55% back in September 2014.

Gematsu translated the Q&A, revealing how you can get Game Over in the demo:

You get a game over when Noctis is unable to battle. Even if your HP drops to 0, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to battle. First you are in a “critical condition” status. In critical condition, a red gauge is displayed and if that gauge runs out, you’ll get a game over. Before the gauge depletes, you can use items or be healed by your companions. If you heal, you’ll be fine.

Unfortunately, your data from the demo can’t be transferred to the full version of Final Fantasy XV when it eventually launches.

[Source: Square Enix (YouTube) via Gematsu, Games Talk, Dengeki Online]