Watch The Order: 1886’s First Combat Scenario and First Lycan Battle

February 20, 2015Written by Chandler Wood

Though The Order: 1886 may be full of cinematic moments, we can’t forget about the combat that occurs throughout the game. This gameplay video shows you the first combat scenario in the game, pitting Galahad and Igraine against the mad bedlamites that are free on the London streets. Check out the gunplay and cover system as we seek to quell the spreading violence. 

The Order of the Knights in The Order: 1886 are sworn to fight against the rising threat of the half-breeds, so it’s no surprise that Galahad finds himself pitted against three Lycans early on in the game. While one of the sore points in our review was the poorly crafted Lycan fights, we’re giving you a look at these to see the half-breed’s AI and overall combat versus the Lycans for yourself.

Don’t forget that The Order: 1886 has a mid-credits scene that adds a bit of story to the ending, and check out our review to see what we thought of the game.