EA Market Cap Now Significantly Higher Than Activision Based on Current Data

February 25, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

EA Games

According to current figures, EA’s market cap is actually — and possibly for the first time in the last few years — larger than Activision’s, and not by any small amount.

Looking at both company’s stock information on Yahoo Finance, it can be seen that EA’s market cap is at about $17.74 billion, while Activision’s at at $16.86 billion. While neither number can be scoffed at, it does put the difference between the two at around $1 billion. For clarification, a company’s market cap is determined by taking the price of one of its stocks and multiplying it by the number of individuals that own the stocks.

The two companies have long been competitors, especially when it comes down to EA’s Battlefield franchise and Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. Earlier in the year, it was reported that the Call of Duty franchise has brought Activision  around $11 billion over the years, and it was also shown that Destiny, which was also published by Activision, had reached a whopping 15 million players since it was released.

However, EA had a great year last year as well, with Dragon Age: Inquisition winning numerous awards and obtaining high review scores. EA will also be releasing Battlefield Hardline next month, while Activision has not yet mentioned when another Call of Duty will be coming out. The first piece of DLC for Advanced Warfare, though, is set to hit PlayStation consoles tomorrow.

PSLS did reach out to EA for a comment, and although the company did not want to give an official comment, a spokesperson mentioned the following:

Based on the current market, your (Yahoo Finance) information is correct. We don’t have any comment or statement on it, however.

Are you surprised EA managed to top Activision’s market cap? What does this mean for both publishers this gen? 

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