First Piece of The Evil Within DLC Releasing on March 10, Users to Play as Sebastian Castellanos’ Partner

February 25, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

It’s time to dust your copy of The Evil Within off, because Bethesda’s survival horror game is getting its first piece of DLC soon.

The DLC, which is called “The Assignment,” will allow players to take control of Juli Kidman, the partner of Sebastian Castellanos, as she goes through her own set of disturbing adventures. The events apparently take place at the same time Castellanos’ own adventures take place, giving players a more complete look at the story of The Evil Within.

“The Assignment” will be released on March 10 worldwide, finally giving Season Pass holders something to download, although it will also be available separately from the Season Pass for the price of $9.99. Two other pieces of DLC were also announced — “The Consequence” and “The Executioner” — but neither received a release date. Players will get the chance to play as Kidman in both “The Assignment” and “The Consequence,” Bethesda mentioned in their press release.

To get an early glimpse of what The Evil Within‘s first piece of DLC will be all about, check out Bethesda’s Twitch channel on March 6 at 4 pm ET, as the company will be showing fans the first livestream of the DLC. Or, take a look at the trailer above, but be warned, it is pretty darn scary. What do you think of the announcement? Are you ready to play as Juli Kidman?