Alien: Isolation Gameplay Video Shows What a Third Person Perspective Would Have Been Like

March 5, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Alien: Isolation would have been a lot less scary if it was in third-person rather than first-person, and the gameplay video above proves it.

At GDC 15, the horror title’s Creative Lead Alistair Hope talked about how Isolation was originally planned as a third-person title, mainly because other third-person horror games, like the Resident Evil series and the Dead Space titles, have done very well. While Hope and his team eventually decided Isolation would be best in first-person, they spent enough time on the previous idea that Hope was able to show off a gameplay video of the game in third-person.

Truth be told, the game looks a lot less scary and personal in third-person, although the footage is still strangely appealing. What do you think? Are you glad Alien: Isolation is in first-person, or do you prefer this third-person view?

[Source: Destructoid]