Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer Brings the Drama and Explosions

March 9, 2015Written by Alex Co

With Battlefield Hardline set to hit retail next week, EA has released the Battlefield Hardline launch trailer today, and as expected, it brings the explosions — lots of ’em.

There’s a few scenes straight from the single-player campaign, too. Just a word of caution, though, the first few seconds show what seems to be a spoiler for the single-player story, so bear that in mind before watching the entire thing. However, if you’re like rest of the people looking forward to Hardline, you won’t mind this as much, as the game’s — and franchise’s — big draw is the multiplayer.

Excited for Hardline? Don’t forget to check back early next week for our official verdict on Visceral Games’ first Battlefield game. Who among the first-person shooter readers here at PlayStation LifeStyle will be picking Hardline up? Would you want an official PSLS server for it? Let us know below.