Grand Theft Auto V Heists Patch Prematurely Downloaded for Some Users, Achievements Revealed

March 9, 2015Written by Mark Labbe



Full details on the Heists update are available over here.

Original Story:

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto V Heists patch leaked a little early for some gamers, who took to the internet to talk about the patch’s Achievements and download size.

According to lucky users who were able to download it already, the patch takes up about 4.2 – 4.8 GB on the Xbox One and about 1.2 GB on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The PS4 size was not reported, but assumedly it is around the size of the Xbox One patch.

In addition to that, a list of the Xbox One achievements for the Heists patch has also been posted online. While the PlayStation’s Trophy list has not yet been revealed, the activities needed to be completed to earn the rewards are likely to be the same. Check out the list below:

  • Shot Caller (10) – Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist.
  • Four Way (10) – As Heist Leader set the Finale cut as 25% across all players.
  • Live a Little (50) – Spend a total of $8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists Update.
  • Can’t Touch This (30) – Complete a Heist Finale without taking any damage.
  • Mastermind (50) – Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales. Be Prepared (10) – Complete a Heist Setup mission.
  • In the Name of Science (30) – Complete The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • Dead Presidents (30) – Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • Parole Day (30) – Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.

Are you excited for the GTA Online Heists patch? Remember, besides Trophies, players can also complete special challenges to earn in-game currency, giving even more of an incentive to try out the new patch tomorrow.

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