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Final Fantasy XV Has In-Game Product Placement

March 13, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


When I saw this on a bunch of English websites, I thought maybe it was just pranksters having fun. When Japan, whose press has no sense of humor, reported it, I realized the times were a-changing. Observe the picture above and this one below:


During Final Fantasy XV, the Coleman logo will be prominently placed on things like outdoor chairs, tents, I’m guessing that cooler up there, and other camping equipment. Square Enix is trying to say that this is part of the theme of being a “fantasy based on reality.” Maybe someone should tell them that in reality, you can’t fucking summon a giant monster to fight for you or get shot in the face and then look perfect in the next scene.

Is Square Enix going a little too far here, or are you all about collaborations like this?

[Source: Famitsu via NovaCrystallis]